Dead in the Path of Etna

Dead at Falling Edge

Dead in Elysian Park

Dead after Campari

Dead at Morehouse College
(For Ed Moses)

Dead on the Private Jet

Dead in the Terminal Moraine
(For Franz Josef)

Dead on Hembury Fort

Dead in the Anechoic Chamber

Dead in Teignmouth
(For Donald Crowhurst)

Dead in Kingston

Dead on Nyiragongo

Dead at Cenote Angelita

Dead in the Killing Fields

Dead at Angkor Thom

Dead in Padua

Dead in Mexico

Dead in the Hereafter

Dead in South Africa

Dead in Joshua Tree

Dead in the Narrowest Street on Earth

Dead in the Temple of Doom

Dead on the Tracks

Dead in Maui (For Mick)

Dead in Bushwick

Dead in Central Park

Dead in Hong Kong

Dead in the American Dream

Dead in the American West

Dead on the Island of Mijet (For Velimir)

Dead in the Arab Spring

Dead at the Monument

Dead in Dubrovnik

Dead in Hell

Dead at the Salton Sea

Dead on East Downs Road (For Balwinder)

Dead in St.Croix

Dead in the Valley (With Reiner Ebert for Ludo Woerth)

Dead at the Opera

Dead in Suakin

Dead in the Big Blue

Dead at El Alamein (For Gunner J.V. Phillips)

Dead in the Shali Fortress

Dead in Japan

Dead on San Onofre

Dead at the Pyramids

Dead in the Last Resort

Dead at Gebel al-Mawta

Dead at the Oasis

Dead in the Great Sand Sea

Dead in the Tunnel of Love

Dead in No Country For Old Men

Dead in Heaven

Dead in the Yaarab Shrine Temple

Dead in the Torqued Ellipses

Dead at the End of a Straight Northward Walk

Dead on San Jacinto

Dead on Halloween (For Travis Bickle)

Dead in Love at the End of the Earth

Dead on The Bowery

Dead at Fort Patiko

Dead at Gilgo

Dead on the Road to Nowhere

Dead at Paraa Falls

Dead in Camaret-Sur-Mer

Dead at the Brooklyn Banks

Dead in New York

Dead in Lisbon

Dead in the L.A. River (Forget it Jake)

Dead in the Studio (For Keith Moon)

Dead at the Palace

Dead in the National Trust (For Agatha Christie)

Dead on St.Mary’s

Dead in the Sculpture Garden

Dead on the Bay of Biscay

Dead in Dubai

Dead at Silverosa

Dead at the Wedding

Dead in Boston

Dead in L.A.

Dead in North Carolina

Dead in New Orleans

Dead in Historic Filipinotown

Dead in Miami (Upon seeing no one in the room)

Dead by the Dead Sea

Dead in Long Island

Dead in the Napatan Kingdom of Cush

Dead in Sudan

Dead in Death Valley

Dead in New Paltz

Dead in Dahab (Hostage Crisis)

Dead in Miami (dedicated to Jorge “Rivi” Ayala)

Dead in the Hugenot Village

Dead on an Iceberg

Balkan Execution (Dead in Marin County)

Dead in Alaska

Dead in the Minimalist Dream

Dead in Palm Springs